Building 10

Original Name: Cafeteria

Date of Construction: 1951

Architect: H. L. Gogerty

Total Building Area: 20,728 SF

Original Use: Cafeteria

History/Significance: Building 10, the employee cafeteria, is perhaps the most aesthetically interesting building in the complex. Cafeteria structures were of great concern for designers of industrial sites during the 1940s and 1950s. A growing awareness of the impact of working conditions on industrial efficiency and output caused increasing interest in facilities that could improve the quality of life for workers, such as the employee cafeteria. Substantial effort was put into designing distinctive and pleasant eating environments, as well as employee lounges and after-work entertainment centers. Building 10 is an excellent example of this trend in workplace design.

Rehabilitation: The rehabilitation of Building 10 included adding a limited number of new partition walls, a new interior stairway, and opening up the back of the building to a new landscaped area to the south. The wall between Buildings 10 and 11 was opened up so the two buildings are able to function as one. For more images of Building 10, click the arrows at left.