Building 11

Original Name: Maintenance Building

Date of Construction: 1941

Architect: H. L. Gogerty

Total Building Area: 12,761 SF

Original Use: Paint Shop

History/Significance: Built between 1941 and 1943, Building 11 was one of the original eight structures that formed the early plant. Then known as Building L, or the Paint Shop, it also housed the Plating and Anodizing Department. The structure was first located at the west end of Building 5 and was moved to its present location behind Building 10 in November of 1949. Building 5 has since been demolished. Following the move, Building 11 functioned as the plant garage and contained areas for vehicle repair and washing, carpentry, welding, and tool and parts storage and repair. It also housed other functions, including transportation dispatch, maintenance, and administration.

Rehabilitation: Building 11 now functions as an extension of Building 10. It opens onto a beautifully landscaped lawn. For more images of Building 11, click the arrows at left.