Building 14

Original Name: Hull Pattern Building

Date of Construction: 1943

Architect: H. L. Gogerty

Total Building Area: 35,296 SF

Original Use: Production facility for the Flying Boat

History/Significance: Building 14 was constructed along with Buildings 15 and 16 for the Flying Boat contract and was used as a production facility for components of the project. Known as the Hull Assembly or Hull Pattern Building, it was designed to house the two wood and plaster patterns for the hull of the Flying Boat. It is the northernmost building of the three and is attached at its south side to Building 15. Along with Buildings 15 and 16, the building was constructed of wood due to the shortage of industrial materials during World War II.

Rehabilitation: Rehabilitation of Building 14 is currently underway. It will remain connected to Building 15 internally and will house creative office space. For more images of Building 14, click the arrows at left.