Building 17

Original Name: Plant Facility and Headquarters

Date of Construction: 1951

Architect: H. L. Gogerty

Total Building Area: 37,128 SF

Original Use: Warehouse

History/Significance: Building 17 was constructed as a warehouse in 1951 during the third period of construction within the District. This period represents the maturation of Hughes Aircraft into a stable defense contractor, major employer, and developer of electronics applications for aerospace and defense. Later known as the Plant Facilities Building, Building 17 served Hughes Aircraft in many capacities, including as a medical center, industrial relations and purchasing offices, and eventually the plant facilities and engineering departments.

Rehabilitation: The transformation of Building 17 included: reorganizing interior spaces, while respecting original partitions and circulation patterns; adding state-of-the-art sound stages and video production equipment, and adding new windows and doors along the south elevation. One of the most interesting facets of Building 17 is the flooring. It features segments of clear tiles, allowing visitors to see the extensive lines of cable and wiring and electrical infrastructure that power the building. Outside of Building 17, there is an original Hughes two-seater helicopter on display, as well as a landscaped amphitheater. For more images of Building 17, click the arrows at left.