Building 21

Original Name: Prototype Building

Date of Construction: 1951

Architect: H. L. Gogerty

Total Building Area: 49,248 SF

Original Use: Offices

History/Significance: Building 21 was constructed as an industrial research facility. It was the site of experimentation, which was instrumental to the testing of prototypes for aircraft development. It contained highly specialized equipment used to measure vibration, a Conrad Explosion Chamber, and a centrifuge. The building is particularly significant for its role as a testing and development facility for Hughes Aircraft Company. It was built after World War II and represents the maturation of the company as a stable defense contractor, major employer, and developer of electronics applications for aerospace and defense.

Rehabilitation: Building 21 will be repurposed in the near future. As it has no windows and few doors, it is most suitable for housing storage space and campus infrastructure. For more images of Building 21, click the arrows at left.