Building 3

Original Name: Test Lab and Prototype Building/Mock-up Building

Date of Construction: 1942

Architect: H. L. Gogerty

Total Building Area: 12,668 SF

Original Use: Mock-up Building

History/Significance: Building 3 was constructed in 1942, simultaneously with Building 2, as part of the Flying Boat contract. They were both used for the research, engineering, and design of the giant aircraft. The nose cone prototype for the Flying Boat remained in this building for many years after the project was completed. Later, the building was converted to manufacturing facilities for the production of armaments. Along with Building 2, Building 3 was framed and finished in wood due to the shortage of resources during World War II. Building 3 is a contributing structure in the Hughes Industrial Historic District, which was primarily developed between 1941 and 1953. The building, along with Buildings 1 and 2, represents both the physical evolution of the company and the important role it played in the context of aviation and aerospace research and development in Southern California.

Rehabilitation: Building 3 offers a variety of open and enclosed office spaces, while retaining the building’s original sense of openness. Its wood interior walls are beautifully exposed and were used to inspire the design of new partitions. For more images of Building 3, click the arrows at left.